Day Trip: Utrecht // A Story Through Photograph's (Mostly)

Brett and I had a Saturday off so we decided to hope on the train and go to a nearby town, Utrecht. It's a pretty short ride by train. We hopped off at Central and was greeted by a market full of plants, food, clothes, accessories, music, drinks, etc. Then we headed towards the center of town to find some "touristy" thangs. 

This blog post will be mostly pictures! It was a pretty gloomy day but that made for some pretty great photographs. It's been a while since I was out and about with my actual camera, not just my iphone. So those photos will be mixed in here as well. 

Oh hayy it us

Oh hayy it us

That market I mentioned^ 

That market I mentioned^ 

Ice cream shops are everywhereeeee in the Netherlands. I ain't mad. 

We stumbled upon a small courtyard area on our walk, I should have taken note on what it's purpose was--but I'm the WURST and I didn't. Sorry guys. It seemed like there was a lot of history to be learned here though. Lolololol. 


Oh, look... a cat! 

Also on that wall is a photo of the courtyard area back in the day. I suppose I could use that information to google what's up, but I'm really not feeling it. Does this make me a bad blogger? Am I considered a blogger? What exactly is the etiquette? Why am I overthinking this?!?!? Hahah. 

My face as I was taking pictures of above cat. Hahaha. 

Of course I stalked the cat. 

Me after properly stalking the cat and getting too many photos of it. 
(Dress is from Forever 21 Plus Size!) 

Boyfriend after watching me stalk cat for 20 minutes. 

(Boyfriend from South Africa!)

More cool stuff I know nothing about. Wow, I'm so good at this. 

Here's a little montage of other photographs I took throughout the day. 

It started raining so we took cover for a few seconds, but it was raining TOO hard so we went and had a drink at a  bar called Grand Cafe Lebowski. It was super cool. It had a ton of taxidermy, couches for chillin', and the overall theme of it was super super cute. Very photogenic. Seemed like they had pretty decent food too. 

Me probably looking at someones sandwich because I'm forever hungry.

Me probably looking at someones sandwich because I'm forever hungry.

That's all y'alllllll!