Big Move to Amsterdam!

One of the things I really want to do here on my blog is focus my energy on making it feel like more of  a "journal" rather than a very bloggy type of post. Does that make sense? Because I feel like if I'm writing like I'm talking to you vs being formal then you'll be more interested. It makes sense to me. 
Anywho, I'll leave this post with a photo from my stay here in Amsterdam in February. It's a photo of my lova Brett and I and to do this photo we were right next to a bridge-- I propped my camera up with a scarf, used live view to adjust all of the settings and focus, and set the timer for 10 seconds! I'm guessing a lot of people think that these types of images would be taken by a stranger--- but ALAS I could never trust a stranger with an aperture of 1.8 and using the focus properly. Hahah.
I'll be going more into detail with my culture shock, adjusting to cohabitation, and cooking in blog posts to come!