Day Trip: Amstelpark

This is a trip to a park that's within Amsterdam City limits. I was coming off of my anti depressant medication during this time and I was having a seriously hard time dealing with life...but Brett got me out of the house anyways and we took the puppers with us. I don't even remember when this trip was and it's proving to be quite the difficult post to make. I suppose I'm apologizing in advance. I'll try my best. Hahah

Beautifully manicured gardens. 

Flowers that match my hair! And of course I have to force him to selfie. Hehe. 

The Amstelpark was built and opened for the 1972 Floriade gardening exhibition. The park has its own train line, the Amstel train, which runs through the Rosarium, the rhododendron valley and the Riekermolen.

The park contains a variety of plant species from around the world, including a "rhododendron valley" with about 139 species of rhododendrons, blooming in April and May. At one point, the park lost about 30 percent of its larger trees due to disease.

Took this image from google. It's an old school train that takes people on a tour around the park. 

Did this blog become a history lesson? Hahahah. I think so. Here's some history, and flowers, and stuff.... and now here's dogs and ice cream! (ijsje! Pronounced Ice-yuh)

Sprocket loves it when I get ice cream because I always let him have a lick. Also how do sprinkles make ice cream so fucking amazing????

And last but not least here's a screencap from google images. Because I know that all of you are super excited about maps. LOL What? I don't know what I'm doing but I DO know that I want to document things. Even if they seem weird and boring at the moment. 

DOI DOI! (Bye bye!)