Amersfoort with Yvonne

This was the first day trip that I took by myself! EEEEEK. I rode my bike to Central Station, bought a ticket, found the right platform, and hopped on a train to Amersfoort. I was so nervous standing at the platform that I was in the wrong spot. When the train showed up I kind of panicked and found an employee that came off the train. As I was asking the question, "Is this the train to Amersfoort?" I answered my question by actually looking AT the train. Lol. Derp

Legit bike parking. You pull down the upper slot and it turns into a sort of ramp that you roll your bike onto and it goes up onto the upper deck. There were also some parking areas here that were specifically for bikes with baskets. (Hell yeahhhh) You wouldn't think this would be an issue but when you're at a rack where there's 134,342,234 bikes crammed in--it's almost impossible to get a basket to fit in between bikes. 

The entire center of Amersfoort is a protected and well preserved medieval area. In the photos above you can see pieces of the gates that used to be the entrances to the city (first pic). The second picture is what it looks like once you're inside the center. All of the buildings are super old and amazingggg and beautiful. And there's a moat around the entire center. How great is that?? 

Historical old ass map of the city

Historical old ass map of the city

Yvonne (pictured here) gave me most of this information while she was showing me around her city! She's the reason I travelled there! 

I regret not buying this. 

The Lieve Vrouwe tower is what you see here. It used to be part of a church BUT the church part of it was apparently accidentally blown up by a gunpowder explosion in the 18th century. lol ok. 

This is a remainder of the existing wall that used to encase the city. And some lady and her dog. 

Being cute and eating nachos. 

So, I visited Yvonne and met her husband and got to see her little housey and see her collection of books and collectables and such, right? Well, not only did I get to do that but she COOKED ME FOOD. She fried chicken and made homemade tortillas, salsa and guac. Seriously still brings tears to my eyes. I'm glad she's my friend.