Living in Europe pt.2 // Our Home

I am always posting a snippets of what it's like in our house, but there's never really any context or actual details about where we live. 

Back porch livin'! I thought that I would be much more interested in living out the summer on the rooftop patio, but turns out I hate climbing stairs so much. We already live on the 3rd floor, so taking that extra flight really just puts it over the top. Not to mention I really fucking hate the stairs going to the 4th floor. They are seriously half the size of my foot. I have pretty big feet, but c'mon. Sprocket can run up them but he can't go back down because of his short stubby legs. So basically him and I are a hot mess with the stairs situation. 

This used to be my tea jar. Until I put cold water after brewing tea in it and it burst into exactly 1 million pieces. *RIP*

Sometimes I muster up the strength to go up to the 4th floor. The sun sets here at approximately midnight and rises at like 5am. This photo was taken at 10 or 11. The sun. It burns. 

Sage from the desert in Oregon. 

Things that are different in housing in the Netherlands:
Everybody has their curtains open for the world to see into their houses. (I personally loveeee this)
I'm sure my neighbors love/hate this because I'm naked 75% of the time. 
No air conditioning. 
Tiny stairs and stairwells.
So. Much. Bike. Parking.
Very thin walls. (Remember these buildings were built in the beginning of time).
Teeny tiny living spaces. 

Dog party. 

The way our house works is we have a bedroom, bathroom (sink and bathtub), toilet room (toilet and tiny sink), kitchen (no room for table there), "dining room" and "living room"--- this is just a big L shaped section of the house. We live in a house that is furnished so most of the belongings here belong to the landlord. Moving is quite the task in Amsterdam. See those huge ass windows? Yeah, that's how you move. There's moving companies that have these robotic contraptions that bring your furniture down or there is hooks on the top of the building that you can rope and pulley you're shit down to the ground. (All through the front windows) I guess that's why furnished apartments are pretty popular here. Especially on the third floor. 

Then we have a tiny tiny set of stairs that goes up to the 4th floor. This is our office/spare bedroom space. And then there's also a rooftop patio up there. Sprox likes to pee there sometimes.

So yeah since I hate climbing stairs I decided to really spruce up the back porch. Plus, it's so easy to people watch our neighbors from the back porch. I went crazy with plants and also decided to plant some seeds for the first time ever. I got two giant sunflowers ... out of a whole packet wtf? haha... Anyways. I'm happy with my two sunflowers. This is what they started out as...

Now they're here! I hope they bloom before the summer is over. I got them started a bit late so we shall see. 

And another favorite of mine is my cosmic petunia plant. It was super small at first and I only paid like 3 Euros for the plant... and then it went BALLISTIC and is now a huge plant that is spilling out everywhere. Just my kinda lady.

I guess this was a super boring post, but I felt like I wanted to make it?