Day Trip: Volendam

In February when I was visiting Brett for the first time we got me a pretty little bicycle and we biked all the way to Volendam, NL. I was amazed at all of the bike lanes and such going EVERY.WHERE. My bike is what's called an "omafiets". Which is basically a grandma bike. With back pedal brakes and no gears. That definitely took some getting used to. Someday I want to upgrade to a fancy bike but I love my little omafiets for now. 


On our way to Volendam we took a little detour through Zuiderwoude. One of the things I love the most about it here? We biked all day on bike paths through the countryside and rarely saw any cars. We saw tons of swans and ducks and wildlife. It made me seriously long for that small town life again. Mayyyybe that'll be our future??? We'll see. 

After what seemed like a forever bike ride, we finally made it. LOL. Each way it was 25.6KM (15MI). Needless to say it was a long day. AND I was getting used to the new bike seat so my butt was hurrrrrrrting. I had to keep shifting from buttcheek to buttcheek and standing up and taking small breaks to stretch and give my bum a rest. 

Volendam was super cool. I saw my first windmill. We stopped at a little cafe and had some appeltaart (Kind of a mixture between cake and pie) and coffee. I got my first serving of Dutch fries that come in a cone and they squirt a sauce on top. Traditionally you put mayo but I asked for mayo and ketchup and I got looked at strange. WUT I LUV SAUCE I'M AMERICAN. (RIP having Ranch all da time)

We adventured around Volendam a little bit... looking in shops (LOL at all of the WEED memorabilia) and then we checked out the Markemeer lake and headed back! I definitely had to stop and pee on the side of the bike lane that was right next to a major highway. YOLO. Right?