Hannah & Ryans Mt. Tabor Wedding...on the Rainiest Day of the Summer!

Hannah & Ryan decided on the lovely Mt. Tabor area in Portland, OR for the location of their big day. They met in Graduate school at Northwestern University in Illinois. They were both chemical and biological engineering students and worked in the same lab. 

They decided to get married in Oregon because Hannah grew up there and loves it! They visited a bunch of Portland parks and thought Mt. Tabor was the best fit for them. 


On the day of their wedding, I woke up and looked at the weather. There was all kinds of weather advisories, power was out throughout the city, the wind was blowing like crazy. Needless to say, I was a bit worried since it was an outdoor ceremony and reception. But I just put the good vibes out into the universe, and made sure all of my equipment had its waterproof gear... but it ended up being the most perfect weather! It rained before the ceremony, but cleared up just as everyone was arriving. We all walked up to the top of Mt. Tabor and the sun peeked through the trees, the wind calmed down and everything seemed to align perfectly. 

Once we walked back down to the ceremony area it rained again, but it was SO sunny still. A perfect summer rainstorm. It passed quickly and we were able to get their portrait session in.

Details: Hannah's Dad grew some of the flowers on his land in Umatilla, Oregon. They worked with Hannah's mom to make the streamers they bought from old fabric from Goodwill. They had been collecting old doilies and vases for a long time & they looked at Pinterest for a lot of inspiration. 

Favorite Memory from the Day: "The ceremony and how much everyone seemed to love it. We just did it "our" way and it ended up being great! The second favorite was how much everyone liked the food trucks. The line was huge and it was a big hit." 

Flowers: Dad's Garden/Farmer's Market.
Rings: Lori Linkous Devine : Rings made with recycled materials and conflict free stones in Seattle, WA
Wedding Planner: Toni-Ann Delgado-Iverson
Food: Taco Pedaler, Maiale Di Volo , Blue Star Donuts, Pip's Donuts
Drinks: Local microbrews & wines from a grocery outlet

Hannah's Uncle Jack had the cup in the pictures below made for them from a walnut tree on his land in Iowa. Apparently its an Irish tradition that if the rings stay on the stem when the bride and groom drink from it, then the marriage will be blessed, if not... the marriage will fail. The rings and the cup are all turned from the same piece of wood.
"Don't worry! The rings stayed on the cup for us!" -Hannah & Ryan